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A set of tools is neccessary to make the airship, including glue. Drill (2 mm; 1 mm), Knife, File, Fine saw, Pliers, Soldering equipment


Drill 2 mm and 1 mm diameter do open up the wholes in the printed parts.


A soldering iron to solder the electrical connections of the airship.


Soldering is a lot easier with this little holder tool, to keep the wires in place.


Tin for soldering and soldering flux.


Tape to hold parts in place while gluing and to make the joint of the yaw rudder. In this tutorial we use black tape since it´s better to see on the white depron parts.


A caliper is useful to discriminate the CFK parts. However the thick one is 2 mm, the thin ones are 1 mm in diameter.


Use a styrofoam glue to glue the depron parts to the plastic parts when building the cross fins.


Two component epoxy glue is perfect to glue plastik parts and CFK rods.


The silent_runner DIY kit and a RC sender

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