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The silent_runner

Airships were the most fascinating aircraft, ever crossed the skies and forever will be (well, maybe one day Imperial Star Destroyers will be a bit cooler, but till then airships absolutely rule). So, why not build your own? Thanks to modern materials and electronics, RC-airships can be incredible fast and agile while consuming very low energy and they are really fun to fly. The Documentation will explain in fast and easy steps how to get the silent_runner airship running. For more details email us at info (a) or join the airship regatta mailinglist

The building instructions for the current iteration are found here: tutorial i4

Update 2020-02-05: Note, that there are a few more silent_runner iterations now out there! Hopefully we´ve soon time to update the wiki.


silent_runner i4 datasheet
length: 2.1 m
diameter: 0.5 m
mass: 300 g
motors: 1x Brushless
ESC: 1x 10A
battery: LiPo 2S 500 mAh / 2S 1000 mAh
speed: 3 m/s
endurance: 90 min
payload: 40 g [depending on battery]

This site contains all information necessary to build a fully functional high performance RC airship:

  • Videos of the silent_runner and other airships
  • External Links to additional informations, projects and shops

The silent_runner project was first published 01.11.2012

Development of the silent_runner is done by the Windreiter Team and lot´s of great helpers all around the world.