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(silent_runner in Action)
(silent_runner in Action)
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[https://youtu.be/qfArgks-3oc Zeppelin NT vs. silent_runner]
[https://youtu.be/qfArgks-3oc Zeppelin NT vs. silent_runner]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kl5xnZH3PM silent_runner i4 indoor and outdoor]
==Racing RC Airships and Blimps ==
==Racing RC Airships and Blimps ==

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silent_runner in Action

silent_runner #1 Training Flights

silent_runner #1 First Test Flight

silent_runner #1 Maiden Flight

silent_runner #2 Building an airship as school project and crashes!

two silent_runner and Kowalski 3 floating together for Eureka

silent_runner #3 outdoor flight

silent_runner iteration 1 maiden flight

a silent_runner finding it´s way through the forest

the maiden flight of the Nautilair - The first flying external silent_runner ship

Zeppelin NT vs. silent_runner

silent_runner i4 indoor and outdoor

Racing RC Airships and Blimps

Airship Regatta Berlin 2012 - Some of the fastest RC Airships of the world, shot from a camera airship!

Gold rc airship

Centriolo - a nice Racing ship

RC Airship - Outdoor

RC Airship 400l

Outdoor Blimp with lighting

Airship Regatta 2013 Berlin

First Berlin Airship Race

The first ship of Marius

Rigid RC Airships

Rigid RC Airship Construction - Some explanation for the construction of a RC rigid airship

The Rigid Airship Hugin - A demonstrator of some new developments in shape and motor configuration as well as a 3m rigid airship made from balsa wood.

Construir Dirigible RC - Airship Building

Maiden Flight of the Argo - The Argo, another Windreiter Project

Experimental RC Airships

The Staropram - A blimp with Quadropod motor configuration

The Windreiter MK1 - A strange shaped rigid airship, capable of launching small RC airplanes

Fly little blimp! - early trials.

A zylindrical Skylifter Prototype

An autonomous indoor blimp by the University of Bremen

Triple shark blimp at the university of Miami

Airships of the TUHH in 2013

And the Big Ones

Zeppelin NT - image Video, nice shots but in german