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This is for the old version of the silent_runner and is currently under revision --Andreas (talk) 14:34, 5 December 2015 (CET)

The following page shows the parts you will need to build up a silent_runner. See the Links section for some shops where you can get the parts. For further specifications refer to the full Documentation or ask at For the printed parts a 3D printer is useful. The technology is becoming available more and more, and if you do not have access to a 3D printer, ask us, or build similar parts using balsa wood, which even could save weight. It is not really important how the parts look like, the most important thing about building airships is weight. Thus chosing the right parts, use the following weight as maximum and try to find parts with even less weight. This is an exemplary shopping list, you can use any other available parts that fit, or have less weight:

Component Name Weight[g] Quantity
Balloon 82 1
Turnigy 1811 Brushless Motor 11 2
Turnigy Plush 6A ESC 6 2
Propeller 3 2
Zippy Flightmax 500 mAh Lipo 28 1
Turnigy 1800A Servo 7 3
>3 Channel Receiver 7 1
Arduino Pro Mini 5V 2 1
Depron 3mm, 0.5m² 14 1
CFK Tube 3mmm 1m length 4 2

Printed Parts

Download Links

All parts can be downloaded at Thingiverse


You can either go for a Latex balloon or build an Octax hull.

The silent_runner Octax hull is generated with an excel-sheet that also shows how to plot the envelope parts.

  • The first tab shows the input parameters, already tuned to the silent_runner shape, feel free to play around with the input parameter.
  • The second tab shows the shape off the inflated envelope
  • The third tab shows one of the three elements you will need to assemble the hull
  • The last tab incorporates all data necessary for plotting the elements of the hull. If you find out which column is the right one for plotting, you´ve understood the table and you´re absolutely ready to build the hull.

Download the file here: File:Gertler4155 Silent Runner slender.xls

The original file can be found at: rc_airship_regatta/files/

Contact us, if you need a hull, we may can arrange something.